The Basics:

I am an author. I love writing. I’ve written four novels, a young adult book, a historical stage play, countless magazine and newspaper articles and interviews with artists, musicians, authors, and activists. I’ve co-written a self-help book on mindfulness and creativity as well as collaborative work for museum and art exhibitions. I am also a publisher. I created Thorncraft Publishing in 2012.

I’m the Founder of the Clarksville Montgomery County African American Legacy Trail (2019). This is both a print brochure that’s free and available throughout Tennessee, and an online map that’s available through Visit Clarksville and the Montgomery County websites. Visit africanamericanlegacies.com for more information.

I teach the Writing for Military and Families class through Austin Peay State University’s Community School for the Arts and the Center of Excellence for the Creative Arts. I created the course with them, and it is grant-funded and often free for military personnel and their families, both retired and active duty.

I love the outdoors and spend most of my time trail running, as this is when I write. Most often I use voice recordings to get my thoughts down while I run or if I come up with a scene or character development, then I make notes for it. I spend hours on the trails or in the field behind my house, by the river, running and writing. For this reason, I often try to run ultramarathons. I’ve completed a few, and I’ve dropped from a few, too. Either way, I always love the experience and writing in the process.

I’m a Registered Yoga Teacher. I’ve enjoyed combining yoga, writing, and the outdoors. I have taught classes at Dunbar Cave State Park. I create classes and activities combining writing and yoga.

Visit Thorncraft Publishing to learn more about all available titles and our forthcoming books, as well as author events and classes.

Click on Publications to see a full list of books, articles, and interviews

Follow me on social media: twitter @shanathornton @ThorncraftBooks and Instagram @shana_thornton and @Thorncraftpublishing

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