Thorncraft Publishing

Thorncraft publishes literature.

Multiple Exposure by Shana Thornton (Aug 2012)
Grace Among the Leavings by Beverly Fisher (Aug 2013)
The Mosquito Hours by Melissa Corliss DeLorenzo (Apr 2014)
Poke Sallet Queen & the Family Medicine Wheel by Shana Thornton (March 2015)
Talking Underwater by Melissa Corliss DeLorenzo (Aug 2015)
A Momentary Darkness by Nikki Martin (Aug 2018)

Seasons of Balance: On Creativity and Mindfulness by S. Teague and Shana Thornton (March 2016)
BreatheYourOMBalance®: Writings about Yoga by Women selected and introduced by S. Teague (Oct 2016)
BreatheYourOMBalance®: Yoga and Healing (Volume 2) Introduced by Kelsy Timas. (Spring 2018)

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