BreatheYourOMBalance Author & Artist, S. Teague: Cherishing Your Now

#BreatheYourOMBalance Yoga Challenge Instagram Oct 22-28  Follow saltlifepirateprincess

#BreatheYourOMBalance Yoga Challenge Instagram Oct 22-28
Follow saltlifepirateprincess

Project metamorphosis is creativity at its finest– a refinement of an idea, a letting go of beginnings to embrace collaborative expressions, & an ability to allow the project’s mission to lead the way. BreatheYourOMBalance® has a leader and a home. From Instagram and the IGYogaCommunity, the idea found the inspiration and perspiration to move into the hands of someone to author, create, and lead the project’s collaborative aspects.

S. Teague will lead the BreatheYourOMBalance book, the collaborative yoga journal, featuring poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction written by women. Her own creative work will appear in the journal alongside the submissions she chooses as finalists. The details can be found by following the submission guidelines link here. Submissions are currently open and will be accepted through Dec 2015.
To help you get started and motivated, S. Teague will begin a yoga challenge that she created in honor of the book on her 40th birthday, Oct 22, 2015, cherishing where she is now and asking you to join her by cherishing the “now” in your practice. She is known as saltlifepirateprincess on Instagram. Salty has created a thoughtful #BreatheYourOMBalance yoga challenge that focuses on a variety of yoga asanas. She’ll also be offering writing prompts with each post to help you with inspiration. After that, you have to put the words down and get them in to her by following the submission guidelines at Join her from Oct. 22-28 on Instagram for the #BreatheYourOMBalance yoga challenge. She has a variety of sponsors that not only create beautiful products, many are handmade and benefit humanitarian organizations. The challenge is open to all levels of yoga participants, and beginners as well as advanced yogis are encouraged to participate, making it an expression of your “now” in yoga, your breath and balance in the moment.