Playing pretend with children & creating characters

Cindy’s stuff

Anyone with an imagination can help with character creation. My 6 year-old daughter recently began playing pretend, though she calls each one a “game” and creates a new character to play. Today, she has been Cindy from Texas, who was a veterinarian, but “it became too much, too boring”, so a year ago, she moved to Tennessee, where she is a kindergarten teacher. She has four pets who moved with her from Texas, a dog that fits in a purse, a baby bear cub, and two white rabbits. She wears red boots and drinks chai spice tea with vanilla soy milk. I’ve noticed that her habits include saying, “You shouldn’t have,” when she’s offered something to drink or eat.

I’m keeping a record of these characters that she creates…that we all create.
 Many days, she asks Terry and me, “who are you today in the game?” And, we make up characters too. 
This is a great family interactive game and a way to invigorate your writing.  
Is there any way that you include your family in the writing process?