Yoga at Montgomery Bell

I’ve been jumping up and down–in excitement…and over the jump rope for training. Beginning in September, I will start teaching two power flow yoga classes a month at Montgomery Bell. And in December, when all the ultra runners come to check in for the Bell Ringer on Friday night, I have the opportunity to lead them in a yoga class, and then go out and run with them the next day.  

The first yoga class will be from 8-9 a.m., Saturday, September 8, 2018, at the lawn by the Church Hollow Shelter. Here’s the link and class description.

Yoga at Montgomery Bell: September 8

8:00 AM – 9:00 AM

This is a Power Flow and energy generating yoga session. During this class, we’ll practice sun salutation flows, warriors, and leg strengthening postures. You will sweat during this practice. Overall, you will move and build strength and flexibility. For runners, this is a great class for pre-run strengthening or for cardio workout on your “off” days. Music Playlist will be funky, bluesy, upbeat music. We will have a cool down portion for flexibility.

Pre-registration required. You will need to bring your mat, bottled water, a towel, and possibly, bug spray. We will meet and practice at the lawn in front of the Church Hollow Shelter. Beginners are welcome. Please, inform the instructor if it’s your first time to practice yoga.

I’ve been visiting Montgomery Bell since I was nine years old–to swim, to hike, to picnic, to run, to swing, to play games, to splash in the creeks. As a college student, I met my then-boyfriend in the afternoons at the park and hiked out to the lakes and talked for hours about what we would do when we grew up. When I was twenty-three, I got married to that guy in the little historic church there. In my thirties, I ran several races, even when I was pregnant once. Teaching there and planning for so much more to happen at a place that has allowed me to experience many of life’s beauties and challenges propels my imagination and determination to create more and to share those moments with other nature enthusiasts. 

Full Montgomery Bell Fall Yoga Schedule: 

More Dates/Same Class as above:

​8-9 a.m., Saturday, September 15, 2018: Yoga on the Church Hollow Shelter lawn

8-9 a.m., Saturday, October 13, 2018:Yoga on the Church Hollow Shelter lawn

8-9 a.m., Saturday, October 20, 2018:Yoga on the Church Hollow Shelter lawn

8-9 a.m., Saturday, November 10, 2018:Yoga on the Church Hollow Shelter lawn

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Here’s the Bell Ringer 50k/25k Sign Up!


Visit from a Poetry Queen

I’ve never witnessed an author bring magic and life force like Maya Angelou. The town prepared for weeks and swarmed like bees to honey. It was 1998, and we were waiting for the poetry Queen in a Queen City. She brought her entourage. We watched them wheel through the streets next to campus, guessing. Wondering. She carried a force and promise reminiscent of the great musicians who came down the Cumberland on riverboats headed to Memphis and New Orleans.

I was 22 and on my own pilgrimage as a first-generation college student in Clarksville, and I didn’t know it then, but I would go on to meet and interview authors and work with them now. She spoke with a power that hushed up that packed to the top place. Her beauty emanated from the podium in the Dunn Center gymnasium at Austin Peay State University, enrapturing us to move along with the rhythm of her voice. Rising. I was in the top, a place most people didn’t want to sit. They wanted to be close to her. I could survey those faces, and catch every moment of that voice rising to the rafters. I was so proud of her, of my place, of pursuing my dreams in spite of the challenges.

Her inspiration lifted me and I went on to become the Editor-in-Chief of the student newspaper the next year. I held onto her presence on campus. No other author captivated like that, so many people. Some people have the magic of life, and it just drips off them like invisible diamonds that everyone can feel gleaming straight through the heart.